Columbia Story

The year was 1950 - Post-war prosperity was sweeping the country, people were on the move to the suburbs and business was booming.  Sam Patterson, Sr. and Jim Barnett had a vision to create the premier architectural millwork and cabinetry company on the West Coast.  With a relentless dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, Columbia was born. 70 years later, those same values of hard work, integrity, and pride in a superior product are alive and thriving throughout the company.  Columbia is like a family, built on lasting relationships, honesty, and trust. 

At Columbia, manufacturing cabinets and showcases are both an art and a craft.  As an art, they captivate and influence people in the way they feel and act in a space.  As a craft, it is the painstaking work of highly experienced cabinetmakers, assemblers and finishers whose driving ambition is to create products that evoke style, quality and enduring beauty. 

Working closely with architects and designers, our project managers oversee every step of the production process, from the initial estimates through drawings, milling, fabrication, finishing, shipping and installation. The result is a product that not only meets the most rigorous specifications of our clients, but a work of art.

As of 2019, Columbia has been acquired by Eric Brand thereby increasing Columbia’s sourcing and infrastructure. For over 25 years, both owners have had a close, personal, and professional relationship sharing manufacturing partners in Asia and have collaborated on countless projects over the years. You can find more information about Eric Brand at