Masters & Mentors
Masters & Mentors

The vision for Eric Brand's MASTERS & MENTORS series is based on the philosophy that great design collaboration should be taught to and shared with students alike. 

Eric Brand recently celebrated its 20th year in business, and during this time has had the luxury of working with some of the most esteemed architects and interior designers, both within the USA and internationally.  Whether executing these designers' visions to exact specifications, or collaborating with them, the resulting designs have emerged as an incomparable blending of concepts with manufacturing expertise.  These designs have been installed in some of the most luxurious residential and hospitality projects worldwide.

To pay the ultimate tribute to these top designers, Eric Brand has launched the limited edition MASTERS & MENTORS series.

As design, material sourcing and paramount execution are at the core of Eric Brand, Eric seeks to enlist designers who are at the top of their field, inviting them to participate in this unique, limited edition MASTERS & MENTORS series.

Eric Brand is offering master designers a palate of exotic materials, featuring unique manufacturing technique and finishing.  The designers will be asked to dream and conceptualize limited edition products utilizing these materials and processes.

The intent is to bring forth memorable, iconic products created by the alignment of creativity, collaboration and supreme execution. Any profits from the series will be entrusted into a mentorship program for design students who will benefit from a mentorship with Eric Brand and the master designer.

For our initial launch, master designer Roger Thomas will share this dual mentorship with Eric Brand.