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Eric Brand uses a proprietary multi-step finish process suitable for hospitality and residential applications. Finishes have been developed to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grains yet provide a sturdy durable finish for any environment.

All Eric Brand wood furniture has a standard polyurethane protective coat unless otherwise specified.

Polyurethane is highly durable and resistance to most chemicals as well as spills and stains. Provided the furniture is properly cared for the polyurethane finishes will last a long time and will not degrade.

Nitro cellulose (NC) finishes which are lacquer based, may be specified for pieces requiring superb veneer clarity. NC highlights the natural markings of the veneers exposing the beauty of the grain and natural patterns.

Polyester finishes are also available for heavily traffic areas where scratch resistance and extreme durability are required. Polyester is a harder more durable finish than Polyurethane.

Custom finishes 

Eric Brand will produce a custom finish that is a close proximity to your control sample. Finishes on wood and lacquers can vary due to time, temperature, random hand techniques, pigments and wood species creating a unique and exceptional item. We maintain extremely high standards and tight tolerances to assure you your product will fall within a narrow color range however we cannot guarantee a 100% match to any samples either you have submitted or we have returned to you. Please provide a sample and Eric Brand will advise applicable up charge for counter submit a counter sample will advise applicable up charge. Production on the furniture item will not commence until counter sample has been approved.

Other notes regarding finishes on wood:
If multiple pieces are ordered in the same finish we will make our best efforts to match all items however we cannot achieve a 100% match from piece to piece since the finish will vary as well as the natural colorations within the veneers.

Outdoor finishes-metal

A nylon fused finish is used on all metal outdoor tables. It is resistant to chemicals, will not scratch or chip and can be left outside year round.

Indoor finishes-metal

Lacquer finishes are applied to brass and bronze plated finishes as a protective coating but will not prevent scratches.

Finishes on Shell, horn and bone

Shell, horn, bone and other natural materials are available with or without a light resin coating. If unfinished the natural materials will stain and age. Resin coated items are resistant to staining and can comfortably be used in high traffic areas.

Stone Finishes

Our stone is pre-treated with our standard sealant which is applied in factory, unless otherwise indicated.  Please be aware that the stone may need to be RESEALED every several months. Marbles consist of calcium carbonate and are vulnerable to abrasion and chemical damage due to their mineralogical makeup.  Unless a specific resin based sealer is applied, natural etching and removal of the polish can/will occur at any time.  Hone and leathered finishes are slightly more forgiving than polished but they will not eliminate this risk.